Link Shell Gratis

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Ini ada Link Buat ngedapatin Shell Gratis…..Keep On okay….

selamat menoba….. Services: ??? Server: Fedora Core 5
Services: IRC chatting, compiling, and basic unix usage. Services: free SSH and SFTP accounts (quota: 10Mb) Services:
Homepage URL: http(s)://
Email Address:
50 MB Quota on your Personal Directory and Mailbox.
SSH, SCP and SFTP Access
CGI, PHP, SSI, SSL, MySQL (One DB, only at request) and PHPMyAdmin.
WebMail and Community Forum.
Access to mutt, screen, python and a number of other unix commands.
irssi, preconfigured to connect to DilexNET IRC Network. Server: Linux Debian Sarge
Services: eggdrops, three user psyBNC’s (including yourself) and irssi/bitchx. Server: Debian GNU/Linux
SSH and SFTP access
2 GB Quota
Webspace (, PHP (v5), MySQL, wiki )
Development environment: (c, c++, java etc), interpreters (python, perl, lua), code editors (emacs, nano, vim), version control (svn)
Web Based Control Panel
IRC exclusively for donaters ( No Bouncers ) Services:
SSH and SFTP access
50 MB Quota ( more space can be requested )
Webhost ( , PHP (v5) enabled )
Database ( MySQL , 5 MB Quota, optional )
Mail ( , optional )
IRC access via screen and irssi/BitchX ( No bots, no eggdrops: Bots. No bouncers. )
ICQ, AIM, Yahoo, MSN access via CenterICQ. Jabber access.
Development environment: compilers (c, c++, java etc), interpreters (python, perl, php), code editors (emacs, nano, vim), utilities (subversion, cvs) It is a 64bit Ultrasparc Architecture running NetBSD
250MB of disk space
publicly accessible website (
send/receive email (
file transfer via scp, sftp, ftp
shell login via ssh or telnet
IPv6 connectivity
no bots, bncs, or bg’s while logged out Vhosted shells for free just for psyBNC and nothing else. Choice of great amusing vhosts.
If you fail to login once per day, your account will be suspended! (???) Server: Gentoo Linux
Services: 8MB disk space,
MSN, AIM, YIM, and other clients (including ctorrent), Perl, GCC, CLISP, Ruby, and many development tools, Misc. apps and games such as netris,
Limit of 16 simultaneous processes and 3 simultaneous logins per user
Your own webspace at
SFTP access
No bots, no zombie scripts, no abuse, no rudeness… Server: FreeBSD
Services: ssh / sftp access
100 MB disk quota , screen, lynx, BitchX, centericq
mc, vifm and much more
send and receive emails using mutt or pine
homepages under public_html Server: gentoo linux
Services: 200MB space, tools for: icq, irc, c/c++, mail, etc… Server: ???
Services: quota: 10-100 mb, php, mysql, irc (bitchx/irssi), ekg, wget, screen, ipv6, jabber server, subdomains: * Server: Fedora Core 6
Services: quota 100MB, web space(in quota), php, mysql databases, all kind of developer tools – gcc, cc, python, perl, php… processes 50, screen/detach, psybnc, eggdrop, centericq, micq, BitchX, irssi, software install upon request…
Signup by postcard or by donation of money Server: ubuntu linux
Services: Trinity Shells provides free linux shell accounts on ubuntu server edition. The free shell includes 50 megs of space for webhosting, network programs (irc, telnet, ssh etc), access to compilers (c, c++, perl etc) as well as access to MySQL. Services: Users are supplied with 500MB of storage space. Instant messanging services including MSN, AOL, Yahoo!, Jabber. IRC services like Eggdrop, BNC (bouncers), and proxies. And web hosting with MySQL, and PHP. Server: FreeBSD
Services: Vhosts available. PsyBNC and Eggdrop supported.
Users must login to their web page once per day to maintain their account… (???) Server: RedHat Linux
Services: Quota: 20 Mb, IRC access, gcc, cc, perl, php, python, bitchx, pico, emacs, lynx, wget…
Background processes allowed, but NO psyBNC, Eggdrop, BNC Server: Ubuntu linux
Srvices: Web Mail Access, Home page or hosting your own domain name, FTP access, MySQL Database, SSH access… Server: Linux
Services: ssh, telnet, lynx, BitchX, mail, webspace etc. Server: Debian Linux
Services: SSH, MySQL database, 1 background process, 10 simultaneously running processes, 25MB bandwidthquota, quota: 10MB Server: Fedora Linux
Services: 1 bg, IRC, Eggdrop, no BNC`s, mail, web, 15 mb quota Server: Linux
Services: No applications running in the background, webssh, Quota: 500Mb Server: FreeBSD
Service: www, ssh, sftp, bitchx ,eggdrop, psybnc, lynx, wget… no. of processes: maximum 2 only Server: FreeBSD
Services: Shell login via SSH or Telnet, ftp, gcc, c++, mail, web page under public_html, php, perl, python, mysql, screen, BitchX, 100MB quota and more. Request something you don’t see. Server: Debian GNU/Linux 4.0
Services: vim, emacs, lynx, pine, PHP 5, 1 MySQL 5, up to 10 background processes, email , webmail, quota: 500Mb. Unixpod Provide tools to aid developers and users to create/use open source software. Server: Debian Linux
Services: SSH/SFTP, GNU tools, gcc, g++, make, Perl, Tcl, Python, Bash, php, perl, mysql, irc, bitchx… Quota: 500MbIf users dont say !keep on IRC channel at least once in a 24 hours period their account will be deleted! (hm, hm!?) NEW! Server: Linux/Debian 4.0
Service: Web Mail Access, Home page or hosting your own domain name, FTP access, MySQL Database, 50mb space , eggdrop allowed, access to compilers , bitchx, ftp , msn ,ssh access, and a lot of more… NEW! Server: Debian Linux, 8GB RAM, QuadCore CPU, 10Mbit
Services: personal web page (50Mb), personal unix email account, able to compile C programs, background processes, and more.. NEW! Services: 1 eggdrop, and 1 client for the network, user can run maximum 2 background processe

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5 Tanggapan to “Link Shell Gratis”


thanks atas tuto nya..n aku mau nanya gmana caraa brandsnyaitu ke psy

n tolong revieyang terbaru mengenai shell na……

tolong dong replay yang bag 1di terbitakn

Hi, good day. Wonderful post. You have gained a new subscriber. Pleasee continue this great work and I look forward to more of your great blog posts.

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